Hello! I am a researcher of conversation analysis, currently working as a Research Fellow at Linköping University in Sweden.

Please see my CV here.

I research social interaction – the processes and rules that organize how we humans live in a social world. We usually take ordinary conversations for granted, because they are ubiquitous and permeate everything we do. However, human interaction is a rich and fascinating system, and we are only beginning to understand it.

Currently, I am a Research Fellow (Biträdande universitetslektor) at Linköping University, working with Prof. Leelo Keevallik. Our project is exploring the boundaries of language. We aim to develop a theory of language that is inclusive of common, yet traditionally excluded, practices such as non-lexical vocalizations and embodied action. Our work examines human activities as they occur naturally, to create an empirical analysis that is grounded in members’ orientations.

I study a variety of settings, from the mundane (playing board games) to the very specific (meeting your Member of Parliament at their office, or being inspected for health and safety regulations). My central methodology is ethnomethodology and conversation analysis, but I also work with discursive psychology and others. I completed my PhD in 2016 under the supervision of Prof. Elizabeth Stokoe at Loughborough University, examining constituency office interactions. I am also a trained CARM associate, which is a means to apply conversation analysis as communication training.

I create Youtube videos on the basics of CA, and the intersection of CA and popular culture. After all, CA is a science of the public, and mainstream media are full of examples of interactional findings (just like everyday talk).

Please feel free to contact me for copies of my publications or presentations!