I am a University Teacher (Teaching Fellow) at Loughborough University. I recently completed my PhD at Loughborough (2016), studying conversation analysis. My PhD thesis investigates interactions at constituency offices, and is the first study to examine how ordinary citizens interact in person with their Member of Parliament. I have been working with Prof. Elizabeth Stokoe during and after my PhD on using CA for communication training (CARM). I am currently working on training for caseworkers at constituency offices, and for Health and Safety officers at universities. I am also writing on board game interactions, intention, and decision making.

I studied biological anthropology, and subsequently linguistic and cultural anthropology at the University of Toronto, Canada, where I earned my Hon. BSc and Master's degrees. In 2015, I started posting Em does CA videos on Youtube. These videos use current popular media to explain EMCA concepts to a general audience, and are being used in classrooms internationally.